Wine is a passion for us. Good wines have character and an uncompromisingly high quality. Viticulture demands experience and passion for the vineyards. This is where we start our work as here the foundations are laid for a wine with its own signature. Vines and soils are carefully and individually handled out of respect to nature.

For us the making of a wine does not start with the processing of the ripe grapes but rather we view the production of a wine holistically. As a committed and skilled team this means that we control and influence our wine from the selection of the vineyard parcel all the way through to the bottled product.

Modern wine drinkers want new, innovative products and wines. Our goal and our mission, now and in the past, is to fulfill this, and at the same time to set new trends and to analyse the market for new marketing opportunities.

The result is the Fritz Keller Edition: exclusive, attractive wines which are not interchangeable at will. Every new wine project is a challenge which we happily set ourselves.