Co-operation with the Bauhaus-Archiv in Berlin

Wine and art have long been a dream combination and inseparably linked for many centuries. Wine is inspiration for artists and art as well as being inspiration for wine lovers. Viewed from this perspective the Fritz Keller Edition and the "bauhaus-Archiv" in Berlin are perfect partners.

Pivotal to this unique co-operation was the idea of offering consumers a high quality, premium wine without it immediately being a luxury product. Those responsible for the Fritz Keller Edition thus seized upon the same raison d’être as the Bauhaus, the most eminent school of architecture, design and art in the 20th century. This impressed the "bauhaus-Archiv" in Berlin so much that it gladly opened its archives and made motifs available for the design of the labels.

Paul Klee, Oskar Schlemmer, Margaret Leischner, Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack

In recent years the labels have been designed with excerpts from works of famous artists, including Paul Klee. In 2014 there was a label with a drawing of the world-famous painting of the Bauhaus stairway by Oskar Schlemmer, which is currently exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

This could have been quite a sensation, as the copyright only became free at the beginning of 2014. Schlemmer (1888-1943), who was employed as a teacher at the Bauhaus and was Director of the Bauhaus stage, is considered to be one of the most important artists in the modern art world.

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The Designs:

Grauer Burgunder

Description tbd

Grauer Burgunder

Description tbd

Spätburgunder, Oskar Schlemmer

Oskar Schlemmer, "Bauhaus stairway", 1932. Charcoal, graphite and brown pencil on transparent paper (excerpt)

Rosé, Paul Klee

Paul Klee, "Comedy by Aristophanes", 1918, lithograph (excerpt)

Riesling, Paul Klee

Paul Klee, "The bright side", 1923, lithography (excerpt)

Weisser Burgunder, Paul Klee

Paul Klee, "Comedy by Aristophanes", 1918, lithograph (excerpt)

Pinot, Noir Paul Klee

Paul Klee, "The exalted side", 1923, coloured lithography on carton (excerpt)

Spätburgunder, Paul Klee

Paul Klee, "The birthday task »ee« solution", 1924. Design on tempera primed carton (excerpt)

Spätburgunder Réserve, Paul Klee

Paul Klee, "New in October", 1930, oil paint, water colours and Indian onk over pencil drawing (excerpt)

Pinot Rosé Sekt Brut, Paul Klee

Paul Klee, "Hoffmannesque scene", 1921, lithography (excerpt)

Spätburgunder Rotwein, Mobica Bella Ullmannn Broner

Monica Bella Ullmann-Broner, "Design for a wallhanging", 1929 (excerpt)

Weissburgunder, Margaret Leischner

1929 Margarete Leischner, "Design for a weaving mill", 1927-1930, water colour (excerpt)

Weissburgunder, Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack

Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack, "Twelve part coloured circle", 1922/1923 (excerpt)