The Fritz Keller Edition

Die The Fritz Keller Edition wines (click here for the film) were originally produced exclusively for ALDI SÜD. An innovative project that, after its market launch in 2007, was considered a successful pilot project in the German food retail sector and attracted a lot of attention. Since then, Fritz Keller Edition wines have been a permanent fixture in the ALDI SÜD product range all year round.

The range at ALDI SÜD and ALDI NORD has been repeatedly supplemented for limited periods by further Fritz Keller Edition wines.

The idea

To offer as many people as possible high-quality crafted wines with character – with great value for money.

The project

Fritz Keller Edition is a collaborative project by Frank Frickenstein, an experienced wine merchant from Essen, and Fritz Keller, a VDP winemaker and top restaurateur from Baden.